The Pros and Cons of being your own General Contractor…

Living a life is like constructing a building: If you start wrong, you’ll end wrong.”
– Maya Angelou


For those adventurous owners that would like to be their own general contractor, we devote this newsletter to you educating and cautioning you about this process.
If you have the time and knowledge to perform this aspect of the job, it is a fantastic opportunity, however it is also a very daunting task that should not be taken on by those unfamiliar with the construction process.

There are Pros and Cons to becoming your own General Contractor and we would like to give you a quick idea of both and what’s important when taking on this responsibility.

– Save money when well executed
– Save time when you are on top of it
– Get exactly what you want since you pick all the materials used
– Bragging rights with your friends 🙂

– Lose money if not well executed
– Delays in scheduling and extended time frame
– Requires an enormous amount of time and flexibility
– You are responsible if anything goes wrong

The above are just a few of the main advantages and disadvantages we have seen. There are a few more items which should be considered when taking on the GC role.

Communication is key! Learning how to effectively communicate with building inspectors, sub contractors, and suppliers will help ease your frustrations. Listening to others is a very important part of this process. Even though you may not act on everything you have been told, its always good to hear different thoughts or ways to do things, especially if you are unfamiliar.

Scheduling is the most important and time consuming part of the job! As your own general contractor, you are responsible for when materials and subcontractors show up on the job. With all of the various activities going on, its essential to be on top of things and communicating with material suppliers is key.
Scheduling is the most difficult task you will need to accomplish and it is essential to keep a written timeline showing each phase of the project and when it will occur. Time is money and the sooner you complete the job, the sooner you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Communication and scheduling are key aspects of running a smooth job!
Some of the key items you will be responsible for as the General Contractor on your project. This includes ordering materials, unloading deliveries and hiring subcontractors to perform the work.
Ordering Materials
Heating/Air Conditioning
Gypsum Board
Interior Doors/Trim
Kitchen and Bath Cabinets/Counter tops

We have provided the basics to give you a quick understanding. Now its time to think carefully about acting as your own General Contractor!

For a more thorough understanding of the entire process, read our book Architecture to Construction (and everything in between) available on Amazon today.

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