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PDRdesigns has been named Jersey Shore AIA Architectural Firm of the Year for 2017!!!

The lighting of a space makes a huge impact on how it feels and your experience. One of first rules to follow is to have ample lighting in the room. The second rule is to light up the correct surfaces.
Ceiling mounted fixtures will spread light over a larger area. Recessed lights come in various sizes and shine light onto walls or downward to the floor. Wall sconces spread light up, down, or out. Track lights can be decorative and enable light to be directed to where it is needed. Rope lights enable light to be flexible and decorative, and provide a soothing accent.
Think about how you want a space to feel and what type of fixture will help you create that feel. Utilizing a lighting designer will allow you to get exactly what you want in a space as they understand all of the different light fixtures, styles, light output of each, and how to provide lighting that is specific to the tasks needed in each room and the mood you want to feel.

I caught up with Robert Newell, my lighting designer, to get his thoughts on what makes up a quality lighting plan.

Everything is Design.

– Paul Rand

“The best time to bring a lighting designer onto your design team is at the end of the schematic design phase. This allows them to help you in the creation of details that will get the most out of your light locations. Typically your architect will recommend a lighting designer as they will introduce you to option that you may not know existed. I stress the quality of illumination with my clients, not the quantity. All rooms have different tasks performed in them and therefore need to be lit differently. I strive to capture the feel of the space by creatively utilizing the walls, ceilings and floors to capture the light. Indirect lighting provides an ambient glow, which adds immensely to the visual interest in a room. This is what creates the atmosphere that the client desires. After understanding how my client will use each space and what the family routine is, I provide lighting plans, details and full specifications as to what light fixtures to use. Hanging fixtures are noted, but typically your interior designer will select those items. 
The interior and exterior are designed around what each unique client and site condition warrants.  Some clients call me in for a room addition or remodel and some utilize me for a complete house and landscape lighting plan.”

Robert Newell Lighting Design
654 North Ave. W
Westfield, NJ 07090



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