Integrated Technology Design Options

Families today are reliant on technology.  Incorporating technology into a project is no longer an option, it is considered a necessity.  A great way to test this theory is to unplug your router one day thus shutting down wifi / internet to the house.  You will hear immediately from all family members “Internet is down!”  That is just one example of how critical technology is to everyone today for both staying productive and relaxing.  With the most recent advent of smart phones, tablets and wireless devices, everyone wants to have a robust internet signal throughout the house as they do not want to be eating into their cellular data surfing the web at home when they could do so from a properly designed Wifi network.

Being educated during the design phase as to what technology options are available today is very important.  Systems such as Distributed Music, Lighting and Shade Control, Surveillance and Security as well as Sub Systems integration to HVAC, Garage and Entry Doors and Pool and Spa Control are just some of the many technology offerings which should be discussed before starting construction.  Incorporating these systems will impact other trades work ( electrician, cabinet maker, HVAC contractor, etc ), having everything planned out in advance allows the homeowner to understand how these options will tie-in other trades and ultimately enhance the enjoyment of their new home.

The details are not the details, they make the design.

                                                        – Charles Eames


Joe McNeill, from iTEC Consultants discusses how important client education is in an excerpt below.

 “We start by educating our client’s as to what technologies are available today and then see what resonates with them. The time invested before a project begins is integral to the satisfaction of our clients and trade partners, we want everyone to “be on the same page”.  iTEC Consultants engineers, installs and services systems such as Wireless Networks, Distributed Music and Video, Multipurpose Media Rooms and Theaters, Telephone / Intercom Systems, Surveillance and Security and Subsystem Integrations such as Gates, Driveway sensors, Heating and Cooling sensors, etc.”
Joe shares how important it is for each client to have the opportunity to understand the value of prewiring their homes to support the systems they may get upon moving in or would want to add down the road.  Proactive communication throughout the design, construction and aftercare process is of the utmost importance to each member of the iTEC team.

 iTEC Consultants
101 Park Avenue, Union Beach, NJ 07735
Joe McNeill
Phone: 732-710 9086



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