Specialty Rooms

This issue we are focusing on Creating Specialty Rooms within your home.


Many homeowners focus on the kitchen, baths, and overall living space which is definitely a major part of a home. To those who are passionate about something, a room all their own to store memorabilia, crafts, artwork, etc is becoming more and more popular. Its the room where we play!

While many homes do not have a designated specialty room, there are some owners whom this is a must for. Whether creating a space like this when designing your new home or renovating an existing space in your home to accommodate this space, it needs to be thought out in advance to accomplish all of your needs and wants. From the sports enthusiast to a scrap booking genius, having a room all your own, allows you to have that escape we all need. We have seen requests for extravagant media rooms, trophy rooms, bars, fitness rooms, craft rooms, outdoor living rooms, indoor pools and spas, and the list can go on and on. Whatever your “specialty” room desire is, it’s special to you, so enjoy it!

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!”
– Emerson

When designing your specialty room think about the feeling you want to get when you enter it. Whether its a feeling of pride, peace, or joy this room is yours and should reflect you and your emotions.

Use bold colors for a scrap booking room, muted cool tones for a yoga room, or rich colors like red for a sports themed room. Shelving for organization and display items are a great idea and showcase your items, whether they are for practical use or for show.

When deciding on flooring for these rooms, it depends on the type of room you are creating. There are special floors like radiant flooring for yoga or fitness rooms, and hardwood or concrete floors for scrap booking or craft rooms since you need something durable.

Whatever passion or hobby you want to create a space for, be creative and make it your own! There are no limits or rules when creating the room you will “play” in!

We at PDRdesigns are committed to treating everyone with respect and honesty. We would be honored to help you design your dream space. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule a meeting to go over your next home project!

Paul Rugarber , owner of PDRdesigns, LLC is an architect specializing in home renovation and additions with extensive expertise on waterfront designs. You can reach our office by calling (732) 703-3799 or you can visit us on the web at www.pdrdesigns.com.


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