Making Your Great Room Truly Great

“Tomorrow, you may roam; but while you’re here, just feel at home.”
The “great room” is such an amazing name! Who wouldn’t want to be in a room like that? This should be a room that welcomes, inspires, and comforts you – a gathering space where friends and family are drawn and feel at home. So how do we create this evocative “great room”?
I like to begin by deciding what location on the site will invite the best views. Perhaps you have an ocean or river view, or a pool or yard you’d like to see. Sometimes it might simply be avoiding the view you don’t want to see! The views into the yard need to be considered – specifically, how you want to frame those views. What style window and/or doors, and what size and layout would work best? Basically, how much glass and what shape will make a huge difference in the feel of the space, and will also dictate how much the outdoors becomes an extension of the room. Other design items that can be considered are ceiling designs, such as a simple crown molding, applied trim, coffer details, or wood beams – these can draw the eye upward or add that “wow” factor.

How can you create the great room that you love? One of the most unifying and comforting pieces is a fireplace. This can be wood-burning for the hearty, adventurous type, or gas-burning when that is more practical. The fireplace serves as an anchor in the room, and with the right design, can be a true joy to behold.

Now, think about which rooms you want adjacent to this space. The most popular layout is open to the kitchen, the other common gathering space for family and friends. This connection makes sense and allows for a smooth flow, both of people and of conversations.

Cabinetry and shelving are another option that adds style to your space. I advise selecting books and family pictures you love. Shelving and cabinetry can be as simple or ornate as you choose; it’s up to your taste and the feeling you want to create.

Flooring for the great room presents another opportunity to do something different. Whether you like wood and want a simple border with another color, or a pattern, or possibly tile designed to look like wood, make sure it complements the style you are creating and welcomes you to the space. Throw rugs are a great way to add charm and fresh texture to your room as well.

Whatever you choose for your great room, make sure it is you. This is your house – your personal space – so let it be an extension of your personality! That’s the only way you will truly enjoy it. We look forward to the opportunity to help you design your dream space! Call us at 732-830-3366 or email to get started today.
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