Design Your Dream Retreat: The Master Bedroom

“My bedroom is my sanctuary.”
Vera Wang
Many years after I built my house, my master bedroom was still not completed. The trim was put up quickly just to get it in and the walls were only partially painted. Finally, one day I was fed up of going to bed and waking up to see an unfinished room! I needed a place to relax – an escape – so I decided to finally create the retreat I’d always wanted. I added a small bar for morning coffee or a nightly glass of wine. I installed beadboard and trim on the ceiling. I added lighting, picked up a few new pieces of furniture, and repainted the walls and ceiling. What a difference it made – both for the room and for my attitude! Now, every night, I see a calming, relaxing space before I go to sleep. When I wake, I look around and find myself thankful for my peaceful retreat and ready to start the day.
I’m by no means the only person who’s had this issue. In fact, it’s one that plagues many people. They’ll update rooms in the rest of the house, but they never get around to the master suite – after all, this is an area “nobody sees,” so they focus on the entertaining and “public” spaces first. The master suite is the one area where you should always feel truly relaxed, and yet many people feel the least relaxed there because it has been neglected and stuffed full of furniture and other odds and ends over the years!
The best way to start this project is to take pictures of your existing room. Then, grab a Sharpie and start marking anything that detracts from the space with a big X! Don’t get caught up thinking about “where will it go, we have no other place to put it” right now. At this point we’re focusing on the end result, the solution, not the problems.

Next, look at websites and/or magazines to determine what you like. Consider colors, textures, bedspreads, curtains, and storage ideas. There’s no need to copy a room you like exactly – get creative! Mix and match elements from different pictures to create your unique, personalized space.

Now that you have an idea of what you don’t want in the room and what you want the room to look like, tackle those items that you need to get rid of. Can they be stored somewhere else in the house? Would they work in a different room? Consider investing in a storage facility or donating/selling items that have been gathering dust. Ultimately, you want to be sure that they are out of the way and no longer cluttering up your relaxing retreat.

Determine what you like and set about repainting, changing the curtains, getting a new bedspread, and find new storage solutions for all those unnecessary items. Clear the dressers and buy some decorative candles and new picture frames. Add a throw rug in for a splash of color. Only allow items that are needed for the room to function and you to feel relaxed in there. Your comfort is the goal.

Now that you understand what is involved, start planning that room – open a bottle of wine and let the ideas flow.  Set a timeframe for completing your project and stick to it.  This is an awesome project because every night you can relax and enjoy your new retreat!

We look forward to the opportunity to help you design your dream space! Call us at 732-830-3366 or email to get started today.

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