Bathroom Remodeling


Bathroom remodeling can range from very simple to extremely complicated, depending on your desired amount of renovation. It’s always interesting to take on a project like this; the rooms themselves are small, and yet the components involved – plumbing, drainage, etc. – dictate that professional advice is required. Additionally, bathrooms can greatly affect the entire look and feel of a house. In this post we’ll be exploring what you need to consider as you begin a bathroom remodel.

The first step is deciding on the design of the room. As with all home improvement projects, look at Google Images, Houzz, and Pinterest to get ideas of what you do and do not like. See what others have done, explore possibilities you hadn’t considered, and decide what you’d like in your space. Make sure you coordinate the colors and the decor before beginning the renovation, and have all of the new materials on hand to minimize the amount of time the project will take once demolition has begun. Basic items to consider replacing are finishes, plumbing, lighting fixtures, and vanities.

The easiest, least costly items to change are the finishes. This could be as simple as the paint color for the wall or as complex as retiling the floor and shower. If the latter, you’ll need to remove the vanity and toilet to remove the old flooring and place the new floor. Tile can be simple and elegant or complex and mesmerizing. For retiling the shower, you will need to remove the shower head and valve covers. I recommend always utilizing the services of a licensed plumber for this type of work as it will save a lot of headaches. Design centers and tile stores have professionals that will assist you with selecting patterns and grout colors if you need guidance with your options.

Plumbing and lighting fixtures can be selected online or in specialty stores, but make sure that everything is the correct size, finish, and quality that you want. Cutting corners when selecting these items will wind up pricier in the end, as cheap products will fall apart. Spend now and you will save in the long run – I’m not saying you need to break the bank, but you definitely want to invest in quality pieces in your style that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

If you’re changing out the fixtures and finishes, why not change your vanity too and give the room a totally fresh look? Or, for a less dramatic change, you could repaint the walls and ceiling and change out the vanity without modifying the flooring and fixtures. It all depends on what specifically you do and do not like about your current space, as well as your budgetary restrictions. Find what’s right for you and make sure it fits in the room!

Don’t forget that the ceiling is a great blank canvas. Change it up with some trim, a new color, and/or new lighting. You should also consider changing the accessories – towel bars, mirrors, cabinet knobs, and even add or change out the pictures!

Once your project is complete, remember to keep the bathroom door open whenever it’s not in use. Your new bathroom will have you smiling in no time!

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