Ceiling Design

Ceilings are one of the most overlooked opportunities to customize a space. Whether with a simple trim detail, a complex coffered layout, or a cathedral ceiling, the ceiling is one way to change the entire feel of a room dramatically! In this article we’ll explore different ceiling options and details to make your space really come alive.

Often, due to the house’s structure, you may find yourself with a beam or some other obstacle protruding from the ceiling. Rather than thinking of this as a problem, think of it as an opportunity to get creative. When done well, no one will ever know what little secrets are being hidden by your design!

The main thing to keep in mind is how the room can be balanced. If the ceiling has to drop low in one particular area, how can that be matched in other areas of the room? You could do a drop around the perimeter of the room with sheet rock, or trimmed beams that divide the ceiling into several equal or different parts. The layout could create boxes, rectangles, or really any other shape you can think of to create the look you want to achieve.


What about cases where your ceiling doesn’t have anything to “hide,” but you still want to spice it up a bit? You’d be surprised at how much a simple trim applied to the ceiling will change the look and feel of a space. As mentioned before, you can divide the ceiling into your desire shape and then work on the trim. Try a simple flat trim with a decorative band around it, or drop the band to create a beam and add crown molding in each of the parts for a more sophisticated look.

The last issue to tackle is the color/texture of the trim and panels. Adding a plank or bead board to the ceiling can create a truly stunning effect! This can be a darker wood, or painted a complementary color on the walls. The trim details can be painted white to match the ceiling if you like, but don’t be afraid to experiment! Use different hues and shades for both the ceiling and the trim. You’ll be amazed at how much these changes can affect the feel of the room. Even if you don’t add any trim, try a different ceiling color and see how it changes the entire mood of the space.


Take a look at different ideas on Houzz, Pinterest, and Google, and get to work creating your dream space using ceiling details and colors. When it’s complete you’ll walk into the room, smile, drop into your favorite seat, and sip your glass of wine with contentment!

If you are looking for more ideas, visit us at www.pdrdesigns.com or email paul@pdrdesigns.com!

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