A Picture is worth a thousand words!

I recently completed the design and construction of a really beautiful pergola for a repeat client and wanted to give you some guidelines for preparing for a project.

I believe it is essential for clients to have an idea of what they like prior to beginning the design process.  This does not mean that they need to design the project, but they need to understand what it is they like in order to convey that to their architect or interior designer.  Communication is key to any project and especially so at the design phase when fresh new ideas are being generated.

You can show your wants, likes and dislikes through pictures, sketches and words.  Pictures are the most expressive as you can rip out magazine photos, print items you find online or take pictures of something you see in your area.  I encourage my clients to label or circle the particular item that they like so we can discuss it further.  This reviw process gives both of us a real taste for the style and character that they desire and promotes much better communication.

Expressing your ideas to your designer through pictures will make for a much smoother process.  Grab a binder or folder and start adding your favorite pictures to it today for your next project.  Call me when you are ready to begin and we can transform your dreams into reality!

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